On-site Chair Massage

On-site chair massage helps to alleviate many of the symptoms associated with stress. Some of the most common symptoms include headaches and low energy levels. Tight neck and shoulder muscles restrict the flow of blood to the brain, resulting in poor oxygen supply, which in turn leads to decreased alertness and productivity.

Massage encourages blood flow to all areas of the body, easing headaches and leaving the client feeling more alert and focused. Improved circulation means more efficient elimination of toxins and waste products in the blood, thereby helping to maintain a healthy immune system.

Corporate Massage offers benefits for:


  • Increases Employee Retention
  • Improves Productivity
  • Enriches corporate culture
  • Decreases Absenteeism
  • Helps Recruit top Talent
  • Improves Job Satisfaction
  • Improves overall company Health


  • Relieves fatigue
  • Lowers anxiety & hostility
  • Enhances creative thinking
  • Improves problem solving
  • Strengthens Immunity
  • Helps Prevent R.S.I.
  • Lowers Muscle Tension & Pain

We don’t use any oils, which is why the massage is received fully clothed while sitting in a specially designed chair.

The popular fifteen-minute massage sequence includes the back, shoulders, neck, arms, hands and head – targeting all the areas most susceptible to tension and affected by long hours at a desk or computer.

It is not only an enjoyable and convenient form of massage but is recognised as an effective way to manage stress in the office environment.


chair_massage_editThe cost for our popular fifteen-minute session £10 per session. We require a minimum of two hours per booking and practitioner (six fifteen-minute sessions). The maximum is five hours per day (fifteen fifteen-minute sessions) per practitioner.

You can choose between three payment options:

  • the company pays the full amount
  • the individual pays
  • the company subsidises a certain percentage of the massage